The Cobble CBD Vape Kit – Wood Grain (Device Only)


Stylish, elegant, and a beautiful wood grain finish. What more could you want from a CBD vape device?

Inspired by nature, this vaporizer provides a smooth mouth to lung draw whilst maintaining excellent flavor.
The built-in temperature control system ensures that you are getting the most out of your chosen CBD e-liquid
that you use with this system.

Check out our CBD E-liquids which you can use with this lightweight system.

The Box Contains:
1 × Cobble Device
1 × USB Charging Cable
1 × User Manual
1 × Warranty Card



A great new AIO (All In One) device, the Cobble, is designed with comfort in mind and an easy filling method. The ergonomic design pod system that holds 1.8 ml of CBD e-liquid. The pod houses a non-replaceable 1.4-ohm BVC type nichrome coil for efficient vaping ensuring you a flavorful vape. The Cobble is an auto draw device, just inhale from the drip tip to vape.

The Cobble has a smooth mouth to lung airflow system, perfect for those who prefer a more restrictive draw with plenty of flavours and vapour production for a device of this type. Charge the Cobble via the Micro USB port. The maximum charge current can reach up to 1000 mA. When the USB cable is attached and charging, the indicator LED will indicate the Cobble AIO’s current battery level.

Filling the Pods:

Filling the pod is a simple process via the following method.

1. Push up from the e-liquid viewing window to release the pod.

2. Turn the pod upside down and remove the silicone seal.

3. Insert the e-liquid bottle into the fill port and fill the pod.

4. Close the Silicone seal and place the Pod back onto the device until it clicks into place.

5. Give the coil 5 minutes to soak the juice in and away you go.

The Aspire Cobble has an auto draw system meaning there is no button to press to engage the device. Simply draw on the mouthpiece and vapour will be inhaled.

Coupled with its unique airflow system designed to replicate a smooth, tighter draw for MTL users wanting to replicate smoking it produces fine flavour indeed for such a small unit.

So small in the hand yet the Cobble has a 700mah battery capacity so when used as an MTL device this is plenty to get you through the day. Charging the device is again so simple and easy that you connect the supplied USB cable and the onboard LED will indicate the device is on-charge and also when it is at full capacity.

The Box Contains:

  • 1 × Cobble Device
  • 1 × US
  • B Charging Cable
  • 1 × User Manual
  • 1 × Warranty Card




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