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– Contains 30 Individual patches.

– 240mg per packet.

8mg CBD isolate

Directions for use: 
Place one patch on a relatively hair free part of the body, the inner arm is perfect. After 24 hours, replace the patch in a slightly different location to help prevent adhesive allergies and to allow the skin to breathe. Any adhesive residue can be washed off with warm, soapy water.




Canevolve contains a wide range of products that are naturally found in the hemp plant, with CBD being the main component of it.  All the products of Canevolve are THC free. The company assures that its full spectrum products contain a large variety of different cannabinoids. The best part is that Canevolve offers a wide range of products that can be rebrand on your own. The company services give you the opportunity to extend your own business and build a new brand while ensuring the freedom to set your own margins.

White labeling service of Canevolve

  • Meaning of White-labeling
White labeling means when a product or service removes their brand and logo from the final product and uses the brand and logo on the products which are requested by the purchaser.
  • Build your own brand
Whether you are a new or already established brand in the market, here at canevolve they have experts who will not only help you to make a great brand name but also help you in after-sales services of the product for creating a fast growth of your product.  The company will help your brand to make a good impression of the products towards the customers. They give you a perfect platform to start with.
  • Brand design and consultation services
The company understands the importance and long term effects of the brand image. So they will provide you all the services regarding the design of the brand as well as consulting services.  Every customer of canevolve,  who wants to start a new business, will be allotted a graphic designer for the smooth functioning and consistency as per technical aspects. 
  • Make your own price structure
The importance of having your own brand is that you can set the profit margins as per your own norms. You can select the price according to the competition prevailing in the market. It is advisable to launch your new product with a minimum profit margin.  In addition, making strong relations with already established manufacturers is a great move for a new brand in the market.
  • Quality assurance
Canevolve helps in preventing mistakes and defects that may occur during the manufacturing of the products. The Quality Management of the company focuses on fulfilling all the essentials for quality assurance. The company works on two principles of quality assurance that are fit for the purpose and perfect for the first time when put in use.
  • Provide essential information
Canevolve makes sure that all the products delivered by them under their brand name must disclose all the essential information to their customers.

Canevolve deals in various product range given below

  • CBD e-liquids
CBD e-liquids which are also known as CBD vape juices are used in vape pens, which convert the liquid into vapor. Below are some of the CBD e liquids in which canevolve deals.
  • Mammoth CBD
  • Gorilla Gloop series
  • Breaking CBD Series 
  • Isolate Flavoured 10ml 
  • Broad Spectrum E-Liquid 10ml 
  • Signature Series
  • Colorado Series
  • CBD Shots 
  • Other CBD Products in which canevolve deals
  • CBD Dab Rockz 
  • CBD Tinctures 
  • CBD Oral Spray 
  • Terpens
  • CBD isolate bulk
Here is the detail of a few famous CBD products of canevolve that TREETVapours sell
  • Canevolve CBD Terpene
The sweet, tropical Indica gives a relaxed, uplifted, and creative focus toward your work. The taste of fresh banana help in increasing happiness. Further, it provides sound sleep, creativity, and calm attention.  Its aroma is very sweet and fruity. Consuming Canevolve CBD Trepene on a regular basis will make you feel relaxed and energetic.
  • Canevolve 900mg CBD Shatter
This is the perfect product for use with dabbing equipment. It is specially designed for the customers to consume 90% pure form of CBD. Each range of rockz comes with natural terpenes that give a taste, which is a mixture of flavor. This rockz can also be melted and added to a large number of products.  It comes in a shattered form and is ready for consumption straight out of the pack. 
  • Canevolve 500mg CBD Cannabis Extract
If you want to have an excellent quality CBD experience, then Canevolve extracts are perfect for you.  This syringe that contains a 1ml refill can be added to your E-liquids, edibles, and cosmetics. Further, if you want to have a fast impact on the Cannabis Extracts, then it can be taken orally. 


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