NZO & ION Pure CBD 250mg CBD Cartridges with Device (optional)


NZO Kit is an easy to use, draw-activated device is compact and lightweight with a selection of great-tasting pre-filled pod flavours, making it the perfect kit for new vapers or even a secondary device to use on the go.

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An exclusive range of CBD cartridges for the renowned NZO Starter Kit Device, brought to you by ION Pure CBD.

NZO – The pocket friendly smoking alternative.

This new generation pod system is stylish, compact and very easy to use. No mess, no hassle – just choose your favourite flavour, slot a pod into the nzo device, inhale and simply enjoy the experience.

250mg CBD pod cartridges for the NZO Starter Kit Device.

– Made in the UK

– 250mg CBD

– 1.7ml per Pod

– Pack of 1

nzo device specification (without pod)
Weight: 25g
Width: 22mm
Height: 95mm
Depth: 9mm


Lemon & Lime

Ice Menthol

Pear Drops

Berry Blast

Strawberries & Cream


ION pure

ION pure

ION pure is a UK based firm that has recently entered the CBD industry. It mainly focuses on producing high-quality CBD tinctures and CBD body care products.   The company creates various ranges of CBD products without any restrictions within a PLC. ION pure enters this industry to give healthy competition to those industries with organic and pure CBD goods. The company invests with the objective of creating a revolution in CBD products.  In addition, ION pure is a global player in the fast-growing CBD market. Plus, they have ensured that all their products are vegan friendly and free from THC.

Fundamental Rules of ION pure

  • Consistency
The company is consistent in its brand interactions with its customers. From manufacturing, package design, pricing of the product, and sales, tp customer service, it is best in all. So, ION pure Brand focuses on meeting the customers’ expectations consistently. Product creation They constantly work on creating the CBD products that their users demand. In addition, company offer end to end services to their customers.
  • Work with the experts 
Expert pharmaceuticals have a deep knowledge of the chemical foundation of the products those ION pure supplies. This makes sure that the products they produce remain legal and contain the right proportion of CBD and no THC.
  • Finest Products 
The company ensures to have purest and contaminant-free raw materials to be used in the processing of their final products.

List of the CBD products in which ION pure Deals

ION pure mainly deals with body care and vape cartridges products. All these products are made from the purest form of CBD and suits all skin types.
  • CBD Cartridges
This device is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. Further, it is prefilled with some great flavors, which make it perfect for the new vapors.
  • CBD Tincture Oils 
ION pure tinctures are made from the extracts of the hemp plant and mix up with a small proportion of alcohol. Further, you can mix this tincture oil in your food.  ION pure offers you tincture, which comes in different flavors like peach, apple, orange, chocolate, and vanilla. Further, it gets quickly absorbed when taken sublingually.
  • CBD Warming Massage Oil
ION pure CBD warming massage oil helps to reduce the muscle, back, and joint pains when using on a daily basis. 
  • CBD Body Butter
Pamper your sensitive skin with this CBD body butter. It is a perfect mixture of infused CBD and other essential oils that make your skin hydrated for long hours. For healthy and glowing skin, it is recommended to use it on a daily basis.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What are the types of CBD available at ION pure? A: There are three types of CBD available at ION pure that are full-spectrum, Isolate, and broad-spectrum. Q: How does ION pure CBD body lotion work? A: These lotions are made with all the essential elements that your skin demands. Further, it quickly gets absorbed in your skin, making it supple and smooth for the whole day. Q: How long does it take for CBD massage oil to work for joint pain? A: Normally it takes 30-40 minutes to make you feel better. But if you want to permanently get rid of joint pains, then it is advisable to use this oil twice a day on a daily basis. You can have all the range of ION pure products at TREETVapours. We sell quality CBD products at a reasonable price.   


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