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Ekow CBD Patches



8mg CBD Isolate CBD Relief Patches 


Place one patch on a relatively hair free part of the body, the inner arm is perfect. 

After 24 hours replace the patch in a slightly different location, to help prevent adhesive allergies and to allow the skin to breathe. Any adhesive residue can be washed off with warm soapy water.




Ekow is the latest addition to the TREETVapour family but the quality of products is unmatchable. Ekow offers a wide range of products catering to all the customers' needs whether it is in the eatables section or topicals. The brand uses premium quality CBD to infuse in various products for the best experiences. All of Ekow products are made with natural ingredients and are well-suited to be a part of your daily routine. From CBD massage oils to capsules, there is a long list of products for you to pick the best-suited one for yourself.

Types of Ekow Products Offered at TREETVapours

TREETVapours helps you in availing different types of products offered by Ekow to fulfill your various needs. Most of the products have a high concentration of CBD making them highly cost-effective. Ekow CBD Lotion can be availed in a 100g packing and contains 500 mg CBD. The small pot contains CBD along with other natural ingredients that can be gently massaged all over your body. It is well suited for dry skin as it provides nourishment and instant long-lasting softness. Massaging this lotion can help you to stimulate circulation and blood flow in the body. Then we have Ekow Natural CBD Muscle Balm which comes in 15 g packing and contains 50 mg CBD. This muscle balm can be applied to the affected areas in moderation to get the best results. As the name suggests, it is well suited to combat muscular aches and pains leaving the body relieved of stress. Ekow Natural Body Oil is the perfect way to keep the skin moisturized and relaxing your mind at the same time. The 50 ml bottle contains 150 mg CBD and is made from only natural ingredients. It can be applied to the affected area of the skin. The quick-relief formula starts working within minutes of applying. One of the most convenient ways of using CBD is the Ekow CBD Patches. Each patch contains 8 mg CBD isolate and can be used to relieve pains. All you need to do is place one patch on the inner arm and let the magic begin. These last up to 24 hours and the adhesive residue can be easily washed off with soap and water. Ekow CBD Capsules are also available at TREETVapour. Each capsule contains 10mg CBD along with coconut oil. You can consume 1-3 of these CBD capsules every day. Since the capsules are vegan, gluten, and gelatin free; these are safe for consumption by all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Ekow products make me feel high?
A: Ekow products contain zero or less than 0.2% THC which is the psychoactive ingredient responsible for the high feeling. Therefore, there is no high feeling experienced with these products. Instead, various other benefits like relieving pain and stress are more prominent.
Q: How many Ekow patches can I use in a day?
A: Ekow patches are highly concentrated which is why it is suitable to stick to one every 24 hours. If you feel the need, you can replace the patch after 12 hours.


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