CBDfx 20mg CBD Face Mask – Rose


Imagine the calming fragrance of a delicate, floral rose petal. We’ve taken that aromatic fragrance and infused it in a totally organic, broad-spectrum CBD face mask that’s perfect for skin needing a moisturizing boost.

– 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD sink deep into your skin to provide impressive benefits

– Delivers a high dose of CBD without any THC whatsoever

– State-of-the-art lab testing ensures that you always get the potency and quality you deserve

– Transdermal absorption allows the active ingredients in our CBD Rose Face Mask to absorb through all the layers of your skin into underlying tissues

– Apply this mask to your face for 10 minutes and enjoy the benefits of CBD for the rest of the day

Imagine the calming fragrance of a delicate, floral rose petal. We’ve taken that aromatic fragrance and infused it in a totally organic, broad-spectrum CBD face mask that’s perfect for skin needing a moisturizing boost.


Benefits of Using A CBD Face Mask

What is CBD good for when it comes to your skin? CBDfx have combined CBD with a host of facial skin-friendly ingredients to create a CBD Face Mask that’s so exciting.

In addition to a potent amount of CBD, our CBD Night Face Mask also uses other active ingredients to make it one of the best CBD face products you can buy. This CBD Night Face Mask also includes a host of premium skincare ingredients; and most importantly, it contains Rose extract!


Activation Time

This Rose CBD Night Face Mask takes effect in only 10 minutes. From the moment you adhere to your mask to your face, the active ingredients will start absorbing into your skin. Like our other water-based CBD beauty products, our CBD Night Face Mask uses the power of transdermal absorption to penetrate multiple skin layers and deliver CBD and other active ingredients deep into your facial tissue.

The Rose extract in your CBD Night Face Mask starts to soothe and calm your skin from the moment you apply this topical CBD product.

To experience the best possible effects while using your CBD Night Face Mask, remember to leave it on your face for a full 10 minutes. Even after you remove your mask, the broad-spectrum CBD and other botanicals in this mask will continue to absorb into your epidermis and underlying tissue.



1. Why should I buy this face mask over the other four available?

If you want to enjoy CBD’s reported soothing effects right before you go to sleep, the CBD Night Face Mask is the right option for you. In addition to being packed with 20mg of pure broad-spectrum CBD, this product also contains Rose extract and other calming ingredients that detoxify and relax your skin.

2. Does this CBD face mask get rid of my acne?

Many people have used both CBD and Rose to reduce their acne symptoms. Studies suggest that CBD oil cosmetics may reduce inflammation in your sebocytes, which are the glands in your skin that produce sebum. Overactive sebum production as a result of inflammation can cause acne, and it appears that Rose also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

3. What’s the difference between a CBD mud mask and a CBD sheet mask?

CBD mud masks are notoriously messy. With these types of face masks, you have to apply a liquid-form mask directly to your face. Sheet masks, on the other hand, already have holes pre-cut that fit your eyes, nose, and mouth. Plus, mud masks tend to dry out your skin while sheet masks improve your skin hydration.

4. How much CBD is in this face mask?

The CBD Night Face Mask contains 20mg of broad-spectrum, organic CBD.

5. Should I take other CBD products if I use this CBD face mask?

Sure! There’s no reason you shouldn’t use the best CBD face cream on the market after you use your CBD face mask. However, we suggest that you give your face at least an hour after you remove your mask to fully absorb all the active ingredients that your CBD Night Face Mask left behind. Feel free to use any other non-topical products, such as CBD vape pens or gummies, either before, during, or after your 10-minute face mask treatment.

6. How long should I leave this face mask on?

We suggest you leave your CBD Night Face Mask on your face for 10 minutes. This 10-minute window gives the active ingredients in the face mask enough time to transfer from the sheet mask to your face. Leave the face mask on longer than 10 minutes at your discretion.

7. What are the active ingredients in this face mask?

The two main active ingredients in the CBD Night Face Mask are broad-spectrum CBD hemp oil and Rose extract. However, this mask also contains sodium hyaluronate, which is the scientific name for hyaluronic acid. Furthermore, it contains antimicrobial Enantia chlorantha bark extract, and it also contains oleanolic acid.

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