CBD Drop Gel Face Mask 100mg CBD 50ml


One of the most advanced CBD skincare formulas to date, Drop CBD Face Mask Gel incorporates natural infusions if plant-based oils to help keep clear and hydrated skin — as well as a host of wellness benefits that boost antioxidant and antibacterial properties. With a 100mg CBD content, use daily to help aid redness, swelling, and to promote general skin healing.

The light gel mask deeply moisturizes the skin and reduces its sensitivity and redness.

The combination of plant extracts is rich in antioxidants; they have a calming, healing and anti-inflammatory effect. The skin becomes silky soft.

– 100mg CBD

– 50ml

– 98% natural ingredients



Directions of Use:

Twice weekly applications to the affected area after a deep cleansing face wash. After 15 minutes, clean with a sponge or warm compress.

  • Formulated and expertly crafted in the United Kingdom
  • Invigorating, innovative formula that may help with a wide range of issues
  • Promotes and stimulates antioxidant and antibacterial properties
  • Extracted from pure, organic EU-grown cannabis (hemp)
  • Contains no artificial colours or preservatives


Each 15 mL bottle of Provacan CBD Blemish Control Gel is infused with a lab-verified 100mg CBD content that may be able to aid in facial redness, swelling, and promote general skin healing. Furthermore, the inclusion of an assortment of natural plant-based oils.

Use in combination with your favourite daily facewash/cleanser.

  • Contains 100mg hemp-based CBD isolate (lab-verified)
  • Formulated for direct application twice daily (morning + evening)
  • This gel is NOT designed for oral consumption
  • Rinse thoroughly with water in case of direct eye contact

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