24 x Calm CBD 10mg Lemon & Lime CBD Sparkling Water 250ml


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Lemon & Lime CBD Sparkling Water – Infused with 10mg CBD

Only 7 calories per can, yet bursting with flavour!

– 24 x 250ml cans.

– Low in sugar

– 10mg of CBD


Water, Apple Juice from Concentrate, Cannabis Sativa L Extract, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Flavourings, Tri Sodium Citrate, Ascorbic Acid, Sucralose, Potassium Sorbate

Allergens In Bold


(Typical values per 100ml) 

Energy – 12 kJ/3kCal
Fat – 0g
of which saturates – 0g
Carbohydrate – < 0.5g
of which sugars – < 0.5g
Protein – 0g
Salt – 0.1g
CBD – 4mg


Calm CBD

Calm CBD

Calm CBD is a UK based firm that has recently entered the food and drink industry. It mainly focuses on producing high-quality CBD drinks and CBD food items that are safe to consume.  The company creates a various range of CBD drinks without any restrictions within a PLC. There is a large number of industries that are selling unhealthy fizzy drinks, and Calm CBD enters an industry to give healthy competition to those industries with organic and pure CBD drinks.  The main motive of Calm CBD is to provide the customers with the best organic drinks to customers that are healthy for their health. Calm CBD drinks are not only great in taste but are also healthy. The ethics and norms of the company are very simple. They focus on creating a fantastic innovative product that has a great taste. To ensure the better quality and taste of the products, Calm CBD has spent many years while experimenting with flavors till the time they derive full satisfaction from their final product. Plus, they have ensured that their products are low in calories, low in sugar, and are vegan friendly. In addition, they use only high-quality natural ingredients in the production of Calm CBD drinks and keep them free from chemicals.

Different range of Calm CBD products

  • Flavored CBD water drinks
The latest product introduced in the market from Calm is flavored CBD Sparkling Water drinks. Firstly they launch refreshing lemon flavor and mixed berry flavor.  Both the present CBD water drinks are 100% vegan, low in calorie, and low in sugar. Further, they are infused with 10mg CBD per 250ml can.  The drinks Calm CBD offers are great in taste and are perfect for hydrating your body. 
  • Orange sparkling water Immune support with multi-vitamins
As health, well-being, and fitness is the main concern among people these days. So, Calm CBD has decided to create a drink that is not only great in taste but is also full of vitamins that help to improve the immune system. The sparkling orange water of Calm CBD is rich in Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, and Folic Acid.  The best thing about this drink is that by consuming only one can of it, you will get all the essential vitamins required by your body.
  • CBD cold brew coffee
Calm CBD uses the finest ingredients for creating a smooth and unique coffee taste. They use 100% Brazilian Arabica coffee, which is cold brewed for almost 24 hours before being filtered. Further, CBD and natural flavors are added in the last processing stage of brewed coffee. The cold brew coffee is vegan friendly. Further, it helps in making your morning refresh and energized.
  • CBD coffee
CBD coffee bean is made from the best Brazilian Arabica blend and infused with CBD oils.  For better taste, the beans are lightly roasted first. After this, they mix the Macadamia and Milk chocolate with the roasted beans for enhancing the taste. Calm CBD also offers whole bean packs for those who prefer to grind their coffee beans daily on their own.  They choose Brazilian beans for proving soft and low acid taste, which makes CBD coffee the perfect choice for every day.
  • CBD hot chocolate
CBD hot chocolates are made by mixing milk and dark chocolate. Further, for enhancing the taste and benefits, they are infused with CBD oil.  Once the chocolate has set, they grind the chocolate blocks, which are ready for melting with warm milk for creating the ultimate night time drink. 


Q: Are Calm CBD products vegan?
A: Americano cold brew coffee, Caffe Latte cold brew coffee, chocolate milk, and whole bean coffee are vegan. But, hot chocolate is non-vegan. However, in some span of time, Calm CBD will launch vegan alternatives of hot chocolate as well.
Q: How many calories are in Calm CBD drinks?
A: The sparkling waters are low in calories, with all having less than 10 calories per can. Further, the Calm CBD coffee drinks have a calorie count that starts from 18 calories. All in all, their products are very low in calories and best for consumption.
Q: From where can I buy Calm CBD drinks? 
A: You can buy them from any store across the UK. Currently, Calm CBD drinks are available in around 8000 vending machines in the UK. You can also buy them online through TREETVapours, which also have a wide range of Calm CBD drinks. TREETVapours offer Calm CBD drinks at an affordable price. 

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