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CBD Sports

CBD has become a well-known name in every industry now. Its natural pain relief benefits make it a great alternative to sports products. From tropicals to edibles to capsules, there are varied products offered in CBD sports. 

No matter if you work out hard or hardly work out, CBD sports products will bring healthier lifestyle changes along.

Benefits of CBD-infused Sports Products

Introducing CBD in your wellness regime will prove to be quite beneficial for you. Fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes, wellness practitioners, and even amateurs can benefit from CBD.

Lower Back Relief: CBD-infused topical products are well suited to manage lower back problems. Generally, lower back pains are caused by soft tissue injuries. With the help of CBD balms, you can target a particular area for instant relief.

Neck Relief: Neck strain or bad posture is the major cause of neck relief. CBD gels provide long-lasting relief without any pills.

Feet Relief: By now, you would have already heard about CBD benefits in arthritis and injuries. The intense burning pain caused in the feet due to nerve injuries can be cured by CBD muscle and joint pain balms. You can apply these any time of the day or thrice a day to get the best results.

Joint Relief: Joint pains are quite common when it comes to exercising. These are either caused by an improper form of exercising or overexertion. CBD-infused joint relief balms or even oils can help in making the discomfort disappear.

CBD Products Offered

TREET makes sure to provide you with the best products from reliable companies. Whether you are looking for protein shakes or pain relief balms, you will not get disappointed with our range.

CBD Muscle and Joint Pain Balms: Available in a number of brands, CBD balms offer different pain solutions.

Our CBD Thermabalm contains pure CBD with 0% THC. It relieves from soreness, strain, and fatigue by getting absorbed directly into the skin. The 508mg infused CBD balm causes comfort heating and comes in a 60 ml packaging.

Our CBD Soothe Skin Balm is made from essential oils and 50 mg CBD. It helps in reducing itchiness, burning, and stinging. The anti-inflammatory properties work well on rashes and swelling reduction.

Our CBD Multi Balm is produced with the highest quality ingredients. Infused with essential oils and full-spectrum CBD oil, it soothes everyday bumps and scrapes. It offers 300mg CBD per 30ml packing. It comes in cooling menthol, chili heat, and lemon & ginger.

Our CBD Sports Balm is the best for muscle recovery and performance. It comes in a 50 ml packing with 1000mg CBD and can be applied anywhere on the skin. Key ingredients in this product are essential oil with CBD along with shea butter and coconut oil.

We offer a CBD Balm range that contains 500mg CBD and professional oils designed for muscle tensions and injuries. Just massage on the affected area to experience deep instant relief.

Our CBD Muscle Balm is infused with 250mg CBD and comes in a pack of 100ml. It is a highly recommended product for joint and muscular aches. The aromatic fragrances along with CBD can also sure pains and stiffness after a long workout or prolonged sitting.

We offer CBD Recovery Balms that contain 96.35% natural ingredients which help in inflammation and recovery. The CBD reduces post-workout pain by eliminating joint or muscle pain while leaving a cold sensation.

Our Hemp Balm contains organic beeswax along with CBD extracted from virgin hemp. It is most effective on the forehead and the temples. It makes a great pain relief product for pulse points and also acts as a great moisturizer because of the beeswax. It is a light formula and non-greasy formula.

Our CBD Muscle Balm is made of 50mg CBD and relieves muscular aches and pains.

We offer a CBD infused balm that is made of natural ingredients infused with CBD. It is formulated to deliver soothing and relaxation can be applied wherever needed.

LVWell is a trusted brand when it comes to CBD products. Our specially formulated CBD Muscle Rub Balm contains virgin hemp oil along with other essential oils. It cures limbs and joint pains and can be used up to 2-3 times a week.

CBD Gel:  CBD gels contain a thinner formula as compared to CBD balms. They leave your body with a cold and soothing effect.

Our hemp gel is made from organic hemp oil with menthol and camphor oil as key ingredients. It contains 250mg CBD in a 100ml packing and works well for sports-related injuries like strains.

Our hemp gel comes in a 60ml packing with 580mg CBD. The soothing properties of cooling gel combined with the natural benefits of CBD make it one of the best gels. It can be used before or after exercise as per your requirement.

CBD Massage Oil: TREET offers CBD Massage Oil. Containing 1000mg CBD, this product helps in aid muscle recovery and performance. It is a fine blend of essential oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and CBD.

CBD Protein Powder and Shakes: When talking about anything related to sports or exercising, protein powder and shakes cannot be left out. There are a number of choices in this category.

Our CBD Whey Protein Powder is made of 100% natural CBD. With the amazing taste, it also helps in muscle building and recovery support. It contains hemp extract, whey protein concentrate, and natural flavors. A single pack contains 25 servings making it cost-efficient.

Our CBD Protein Drink is a blend of premium CBD and high-quality whey protein. Each serving contains 30g protein along with 35mg CBD making it perfect for pre or post-workout routines. You also get a choice in four different flavors.

Our CBD Protein & Hemp Powder is one of the best ones available. It is made with 99% pure CBD cannabidiol isolate and blended with whey protein concentrate. It contributes to muscle mass growth and maintenance.

Our Post-Workout CBD Protein Shake is a post-workout protein drink and assists in muscle recovery and sourness. The protein shake contains 25mg CBD and 20g of whey protein. It helps in restoring balance in the central nervous system.