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CBD Patches

Experience pure active hemp extract

CBD-infused products are gaining popularity each passing day. Keeping in mind CBD’s potential in helping the wellness and fitness industry, TREET offers you a varied assortment of CBD-infused products. Whether you like to take it in the edible form or as a smoke product or perhaps infused with skin products.

TREET offers you a solution in each of those categories. Each of the products tends to have a different effect depending on its potency and intake process. One of the fastest and most effective working products happens to be CBD patches.

Taking inspiration from the normal patches like birth control or nicotine have been present in the market for decades, CBD patches were introduced using the same technology.

The technology behind CBD Patches

CBD patches contain a dose of CBD-infused oil or gel. The patches used are made of plastic instead of paper or some other material. Unlike CBD oils, these patches are not wet but dry because of the plastic.

Zero to a negligible amount of product is wasted through CBD patches because the entire dosage of cannabidiol is directly introduced to your bloodstream.

The CBD patches also contain carriers and permeation enhancers. Since the skin has low CBD concentration, the high concentration of CBD present in the patch moves the CBD molecules into the body.

Using a CBD Patch

Using a CBD patch is as easy as applying a band-aid on any body part. You just need to clean the area with an alcohol pad and wait until dry. Then you can apply the patch by removing the liner and pasting it on the skin. It can be removed by simply peeling it off and do not forget to discard responsibly.

Mostly these are used on arms, ankles, and wrists because these venous parts tend to have a higher CBD absorption rate into the bloodstream. It is suggested to be placed near the soft belly region, lower back, or the inside of arms. If you feel the need to use these somewhere else, you are free to do that.

The functioning of CBD Patches

Working with CBD patches in a body comes with a complex chemical reaction that takes place in the user’s body. Once the patch is applied to your body, the heat generated by your body will activate the patch and release CBD molecules. These molecules are absorbed by the skin and launched into your bloodstream directly. This is when CBD interacts with your body and you start experiencing its benefits.

Benefits of CBD Patches

Being one of the most effective ways of delivering cannabinoid into the body, CBD patches come with loads of benefits:

Direct Absorption into Bloodstream: Unlike edibles or smoke products infused with CBD, the patches do not need to make a way into your body through any internal organs. When taken orally, the lungs and stomach do not let the CBD molecules enter your bloodstream leaving you with limited experience.

However, CBD patches introduce the molecules directly into your bloodstream making your experience so much better and effective.

Pain Management: CBD products are known to be great for various pain-related issues. From helping you with lower back pains to spinal cord injury to muscle spasms, CBD patches are quite effective. The patches deliver supplements in a short period and the effect can also last up to three days.

CBD products have proven to be quite helpful in terms of arthritis over the years. The joint inflammation caused by arthritis can be relieved with a CBD patch.

Super Convenient: CBD patches are most convenient as compared to all other CBD-infused products. All you need to do is put on a patch on the skin which will be invisible in most cases. There is no need to carry any equipment being big or small and do not have to worry about losing a device.

You do not need to get worried about stocking CND patches either. Almost every pack comes with 10-30 patches in a box which means they are enough to last a minimum of 15 days.

CBD Patches offered by TREET

TREET understands how everybody’s requirement varies as per their choices and body type. This is why we offer you a varied range of patches from different companies:

Kaam Pharma CBD Patches: When it comes to pharmaceuticals, Kaam Pharma is a well-established name and happens to be in the game for the last 15 years. Their CBD products are made using organic and natural ingredients. The company uses highly validated test methods and ensures every legal compliance that is needed for production.

TREET offers you three types of Kaam Pharma CBD Patches:

Kaam Pharma Hemp Patches are made with naturally sourced ingredients and contain 5% hemp seed oil. Loaded with 2.5% natural menthol, these patches work for almost 24 hours. The transparent patches are clear making them invisible on the skin. Available in a pack of 14, these tend to be quite economical.

Kaam Pharma CBD Isolate Patches contain 16mg CBD per patch and omega 3, 6, and 9. Though it is recommended not to use a single patch per day if you need to exceed that do not go beyond 5 patches in 24 hours. These can be availed in two different packs i.e. Kaam Pharma 30 Patches Pack and Kaam Pharma 10 Patches Pack.

Kaam Pharma Broad Spectrum CBD Patches are naturally sourced ingredient-based patches containing 15mg broad-spectrum CBD. Extremely convenient to use, these patches can too stay for almost 24 hours giving you the desired CBD effects.

PuroCuro CBD Patches: PuroCuro is a Dutch company with a mission to provide high-quality CBD products at a fair price. It offers organically extracted CBD products ranging from CBD oils to balms and patches.

PuroCuro Premium CBD Patches consist of 100% CBD making a single patch carry 50mg CBD. The patches release CBD gradually for almost 8-10 hours. This highly bioavailable product is effectively absorbed by the body within a short time.

It happens to latex and THC free and is super convenient to use. Available in 14 and 28 pack options, it is highly economical.

PuroCuro CBD Formula Patches are also available in different potencies. Other than CBD, these patches also contain a negligible amount of THC which does not cause a high feeling. These patches are perfect for those who do not wish to taste cannabis but enjoy their effective uses.

PuroCuro 64mg CBD Formula Patches contains 64mg CBD per patch which makes it 20148 mg per package. This packaging contains 32 patches per unit.

PuroCuro 32 mg CBD Formula Patches comes with 32mg CBD per patch making it 1024 mg per package. This pack contains a total of 32 patches.

PuroCuro 16mg CBD Formula Patches also contains 32 patches per unit. Per patch has 16mg CBD and per package comes with 512 mg CBD.

Perfect Patches CBD Patches: Perfect Patches CBD Patches are loaded with 240mg CBD content per packet. The ingredients include 8mg CBD isolate. A single pack contains 30 individual patches. You can place the patch on your inner arm initially to test the product. The patch can be replaced in a different position after 24 hours to avoid any allergies.

Ekow CBD Patches: Ekow is a trusted brand when it comes to availing CBD products. From offering CBD-infused oils and lotions to patches, it makes sure to provide you with the best products for your wellness.

Ekdow CBD Patches available on TREET happen to contain 80mg CBD isolate. The product comes in a pack of 10 and is quite cheap given the kind of quality it provides. It can be replaced to a different location after 24 hours to avoid any kind of adhesive allergies.

CBD Eaze CBD Patches: CBDeaze is a UK based company specialized in producing high-quality CBD-infused products. With highly researched and carefully developed formulas, it offers a varied range of CBD products to the consumers. CBD-infused oils, edibles, vapes, cosmetic products, and drinks; you name it and you will get it with CBDeaze.

TREET offers you CBD Eaze Trans Dermal CBD Patches which contain 80mg CBD. The premium quality patches provide fast CBD absorptions leaving you with highly relaxing effects. These come in a pack of 10 and prove to be quite economical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the effects of a CBD patch similar to smoking CBD?

Truth be told, CBD patches are more effective than smoking CBD vapes. When you smoke CBD, the effects start to wear off within a few hours of smoking. However, in CBD patches, you get to feel the effects for solid 8-12 hours at least. This can vary according to the dosage and potency though.

Moreover, if you just wish to experience the effects of CBD and not the taste, this is the best product for you. With no taste or odor, you can simply enjoy the relaxing benefits.

What ingredients are present in the CBD patches?

TREET offers you CBD-infused patches that contain carefully extracted cannabis oil. The oil happens to be enriched with cannabinoids and terpenes being the main ingredients.

However, the concentration might vary from brand to brand. We would suggest you read the product information carefully before making any purchase.

How long do the effects of the CBD patch last?

Generally, the CBD patches are good for almost 8-12 hours. This can change depending upon the CBD cannabinoid presence in these patches. Also, factors like your body composition and metabolism can lead to varied longevity effects in different people.

  1. How soon do I start feeling the effects of a CBD patch?

Since the patches introduce CBD directly into your bloodstream, you can start feeling effects in 20 minutes approximately. Unlike other CBD-infused products like edibles or vapes, patches do not take hours rather just a few minutes. You will experience consistent and systematic relief with patches and not the high feeling.

Is it safe to apply more than one patch at a time?

In case you are a regular CBD user, you might require multiple CBD patches so that you can achieve the desired results. If you are new to CBD products, it is advised to go for a single patch. You can even cut the patch into two halves and apply half or even a quarter of it to simply test its effects.

As you cut the patch, the dosage decreases accordingly. For example, if you cut a 20 mg patch into two, now each of those patches will contain 10 mg CBD.

How are CBD patches better than other CBD products?

As mentioned above, the CBD patches help you in releasing cannabinoid molecules directly you’re your bloodstream rather than going through an organ. So, these molecules do not need to go through the liver or stomach acids and that is why they tend to be more effective.

This is also one of the reasons behind lower doses being more effective and consistent in CBD patches as compared to other products.

Do CBD patches give a high feeling?

The so-called high feeling comes from THC found in cannabinoid. The CBD patches contain a negligible amount of THC which happens to be less than 0.4%. This amount of THC is completely safe and does not give that high feeling you get from other CBD products.

Do CBD patches have any side effects?

If taken in the right doses, there is no other product loaded with benefits like CBD patches. However, there can be some side effects of CBD patches if taken too much. Generally, these include diarrhea, drowsiness, fatigue, or dry mouth. Also, be careful about using other medications like blood thinners with CBD because they might interact.

In case something like this happens, you can remove the patch immediately. The effects will take some time in wearing off. Meanwhile, you can have plenty of water, try to get some rest. Taking long breaths often helps. You can also put on some calming music to stabilize yourself. The effect should wear off in a few hours.