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CBD the name you might have heard by now, CBD is that revolutionary compound that has swept the wellness market all across. Name any product, and the chances are that there would be its CBD alternate present, whether these are consumable products like tablets, capsules, or topicals like creams, oils, and lip balms. Talking about lip balms, yes, there are CBD Lip Balm as well, and they are rapidly gaining popularity among the masses by each passing day.

CBD Lip Balm

Talking about lip balms, we all know that lips are a sensitive part of our body, the skin on our lips is an extra bit delicate than the rest of our body. This demands that extra precautions have to be taken in case of our lips. This delicate part becomes dry and damaged quite easily due to harsh weather conditions, skin infections, or in general injury. To protect our lips from dryness and sores or for in general daily moisturization, we use lip balms.

Lip Balm is generally shaped like wax and provides an occlusive protective layer over the lips that protects them from external damages as well as seal the moisture inside, preventing the lips from being dry. Lip Balm was first commercially introduced in the year 1880, and its origin traces back to ear wax.

Coming back to CBD Lip Balm, well as CBD, is almost in every skincare product nowadays, and lip balm is no exception to that. CBD lip balms provide smooth and soothing lips while also protecting them from external damages. CBD extract is especially helpful in moisturization and pain relief. Claudia Mata, the co-founder of Vertly, recommends CBD as a potential solution to soothe chapped skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The next time when you have dry lips, try CBD Lip Balm instead of your regular moisturizing product. The results of CBD might surprise you.