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CBD Foods

CBD Made Healthier and Tastier

TREET offers you a varied range of products to try when it comes to cannabis foods. CBD foods have gained quite popularity over some time. Providing a consistent dosage of CBD, our foods include CBD chocolates, CBD baked goods, CBD gummies, CBD butter and much more.

Each of the products is available in different flavors and potencies. We leave it to the customer to choose the product of their desire as per their needs.

Why should you use CBD Foods?

CBD Foods tend to have quite a stronghold in the wellness market. The significant benefits of these foods happen to be the good taste and easy portability for anytime and anywhere use. Each food has a fixed amount of potency also mentioned on the packaging which eliminates the need to measure doses.

You can enjoy the taste of these irresistible delicacies at any hour of the day to take your daily CBD intake. From individuals to professional athletes, all kinds of people have found themselves benefitting from regular CBD usage.

CBD foods have potential calming and therapeutic effects.CBD has been clinically proven to treat epilepsy. Studies have also suggested CBD being useful in psychological needs as well. Though CBD foods are a new product and are not FDA approved yet but studies have suggested hopeful results.

Our CBD Foods

 Our CBD Foods are a result of loads of thinking while keeping everyone’s best interest in mind. We wanted our range of CBD foods to be accessible and usable to everyone looking to introduce CBD benefits into their lives. 

You name an edible product and chances are there would be a CBD alternative sitting right there. From providing sweet savories to delivering major health benefits, we aim at providing you with nothing but the best.

Whether it’s calming your nerves and anxiety or reducing insomnia and curing pain, CBD foods help you fight all these issues. 

CBD-infused Chocolates

Try out our Euphoria Mary & Juana dark chocolate and you’ll want more. Similarly, our Paso CBD 75mg milk chocolate is a combination of creamy, rich cocoa with caramel notes. 

CBD and Chocolates is a match made in heaven. Infused with high quality cannabis oil, our chocolates are perfect to fit in your lifestyle. 

Ranging from Naturecan 20mg CBD-infused Milk Chocolate to dark chocolate and Euphoria Mary & Juana Milk Chocolate, we let you indulge in deliciously dreamy CBD chocolates. Added hints of vanilla, orange and hazelnut in different combinations makes it all come together beautifully.

Infused with broad spectrum CBD oil, this indulgent CBD treat is completely safe to use. The mood lifting capabilities of CBD when combined with chocolate leaves you with extra mood enhancing effects. Please stick to not eating more than 2 bars under 24 hours. 

CBD-infused Cookies 

CBD-infused with baked cookies goes way back. Our ancestors have been using CBD cookies for medicinal purposes since ages. Looks like medicating and mid-day snacking have never looked that easy before. 

The carefully packed cookies are made with fresh and healthy ingredients making them safe for easy travel.

 One can enjoy these anytime of the day. In fact, these cookies make for a great snack a couple of hours before bed. You can have them with a glass of milk and enjoy a peaceful sleep. It is advised to not eat more than 2 cookies in 24 hours.

CBD Premium Cookies

Yes you heard it right! Not only do we provide you regular ready-made cookies, we also offer you our CBD-infused premium cookies. This is meant for those who wish to have a premium taste of these yummy savories.

The premium cookies are offered in three flavors i.e. hash, cranberry and chocolate. Just like the other cookies, these too can be enjoyed any time during the day to avail their soothing benefits.

CBD-infused Nut Butter

 The CBD-infused Nut Butter is made with peanuts, coconut oil, and honey and of course our high-quality CBD oils. Being a good source of protein, heart-healthy fats and fibre, you can use it anyway you like. It is advised not to exceed the usage of more than 12 servings under 24 hours. 

Available in four different flavors i.e. Honey Sea Salt, Triple Nut, Milk Chocolate with Cacao Nibs and Crunchy Peanut Butter, this can be your first choice for any snack. Add it to your breakfast or make it a part of your pre and post workout meals.

CBD-infused Brownie

Cannabis Oil brownies have been there way before our existence. So, how can one go wrong with such an old tradition? These 100% vegan brownies are crafted with our secret ingredient, love. You all know it!

CBD-infused brownies with rich cocoa and decadent dark chocolate chips are your perfect savory. Whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up or a post dinner treat, do not hesitate to make a way for these sweet treats in your diet. Eat them at home, work or gym; maybe share a little too?

CBD-infused Honey

Well we all know how our body can benefit from honey in more than one way. Be it keeping your skin supple and soft or your gut health in check, you must make some space for honey in your lifestyle. But, why not double those benefits with a dash of CBD in it?

Our CBD-infused honey has a flavor of mild caramel and distinctive fruity backnotes and can be consumed with milk or on a piece of bread. The CBD honey helps you heal your body by providing therapeutic benefits. 

From inflammation and arthritis to depression and anxiety, this may serve as an effective solution to a lot of your problems.

Try out TREET ION Pure CBD Honey that carries mild caramel and distinctive fruity backnotes.

CBD-infused Gummies

All of us have grown up chewing different flavored gummies. Honestly, making them one of the best things about childhood. So, here we are with your favorite childhood snack but with a twist.

CBD-infused gummies are available in various flavors from apple and pineapple to raspberry. Made from all natural fruit juices, these do not contain any kind of artificial or additional sugars. Also, our gummies were announced as Winner of Edible of the Year 2019.

CBD-infused Lollipops

Bringing another one of your childhood delicacies, we present to you CBD-infused lollipops. The ball shaped lollipops have cannabis extract along with caffeine and taurine.

Available in flavors like cola, CBD vanilla ice cream strawberry cheesecake and pure cannabis; these will help you with mood regulation, inflammation, pain, appetite and most importantly sleep.

CBD-infused Syrup

If you do not feel like adding something extra to your daily diet, you can simply replace the sugar with our CBD-infused syrup. It is a great replacement for sugar as it uses Agave Nectar at its base.

Whether you wish to add it to tea or coffee or use it in anything sweet while cooking, it is a tasty and healthy way to add a supplement of CBD to your diet. Again, available in multiple flavors like blackcurrant, coconut, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla or just original; this will surely add a dash of sweetness to your life.

CBD-infused Booster

For those of you who wished for a sugar-free alternative, your wish has been granted. Our CBD booster is a non sweetened sugar free additive which can be mixed with your favorite cold drinks.

Flavors like cherry, lemon n lime, strawberry, banana and raspberry turn you drinks into tasty and fruit CBD-infused beverages.

CBD-Infused Chewing Gum

The easiest way to implement CBD usage in your routine has to be CBD-infused gum. This 100% natural chewing gum with sweeteners and CBD extract is a hassle-free option.

Not only it freshens your breath and keeps your teeth clean and healthy, but the CBD released in your mouth while chewing is absorbed sublingually i.e. under your tongue. This absorption is known to deliver benefits five times faster. This product contains zero unnatural and unhealthy ingredients.

CBD-infused Protein Ball

Last but not the least, for all the gym freaks in the house we have a CBD-infused protein ball. Loaded with raw fruit, nuts and complete plant-based protein blend, our CBD protein ball is perfect for your pre or post workout session.

It contains creamy cashews, dates, maple syrup and coconut with the plant power of pea and hemp seed protein for a sweet taste. It naturally supports muscle growth and can be your go-to protein powdered snack. 

CBD-infused Muffin

This CBD-infused cannabis muffin actually comes with cannabis leaves and seeds in it. If you wish to get a taste of original leaves and seeds perfectly infused with sugary bread, this muffin is made especially for you. Packed in a small box, it is easy to carry as a snack wherever you go. 

CBD-infused Honey Sticks

Since it is quite difficult to carry honey everywhere with you, we bring to you CBD-infused honey sticks. No more messiness to be taken care of. 

With no artificial sweeteners and loaded with pure honey, these sticks can be added to any drink or food of your choice. 

CBD-infused Gum Drops

CBD-infused gum drops are highly refreshing as well as flavored. These drops are supposed to promote a calm sense of well-being throughout your body. 

The juicy gum drops are 100% organic and come in different flavors. Do not go overboard and stick to 1-2 gum drops per day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I figure out what dose works for me?  

The doses work differently with everyone. In case you are just starting with it or using it after long, we would recommend going for a small dose. Everyone’s response to edible CBD can be different significantly. 

The standard dosage is 10 mg generally but beginners are suggested to go with half of that. Since you will have to go through a trial-and-error process, it is safe to start with low doses and go really slow.

How long does the effect take to kick in?  

Again, the time taken to kick in varies person to person. If you are someone with a faster metabolism, you can feel the effects after an hour. However, if someone has slower metabolism, the effect might take two or more hours to kick in. 

You also need to keep a check whether these edibles are being taken on an empty stomach or a filled one. While an empty stomach will feel effects quickly, a full stomach will take its sweet time for the effects to kick in.

What should I do if I start to feel too high and uncomfortable?    

You do not need to panic if you get too high. The cannabis overdose is not considered fatal; it might make you feel uncomfortable and a little disorienting. 

All you need in such a time is to rest. You can also put on some music that soothes you and keeps your eyes shut. Try taking long breaths of fresh air and you will feel comfortable.

What should I look for on a CBD food label?  

Since the products are not FDA regulated yet, consistency in dosage might lack depending upon product to product.

Try going for clearly labeled products which mention the portion sizes. This can help you in finding the right product and figure out perfect doses for you.

How long does the effect tend to last?  

Though this too varies depending upon your body type, it is quite hard to know the exact length of the effect. Generally, the effects tend to stay for about 5 to 6 hours. Depending upon the dosage and the type of product you take in, these factors change the effect length. 

While the peak experience might just last for 1 to 3 hours, the overall effect will be much longer. To begin with, you must start with low and slow doses in order to avoid potent effects.

What to do if I do not feel any effect after an hour?

You must wait for an hour before doing anything. In case, there’s no effect post one hour, you can try eating a snack in order to make absorption in your gut start. 

It is common for some people to not feel the effect the first f

ew times. In such cases, you can take low doses three times while maintaining an 8 to 24 hours window between doses.