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CBD Vape Cartridges and Pods

Exciting way to get your daily dose of Cannabidiol

TREET offers you a variety of options in CBD to ensure your fitness and wellness needs are being met. Gone are the days when you could find CBD in a limited number of products.

As of 2020, from CBD vapes and starter kits to CBD-infused edibles and tropical products, CBD has become a popular word in the wellness industry.

CBD vapes proved disrupting ever since they came into the picture. Introduced in 2015, vapes are still considered as the coolest trend in today’s youth which is why we offer you one of the best CBD vapes and starter kits in the market.

These electrically powered kits are super easy to carry and even easier to be used as compared to a cigarette. Coming with a vape pod, battery and heating coil; the smoke in a vape is produced by heating up the liquid infused with CBD content unlike burning nicotine in a cigarette.

Though we deliver vape kits with CBD vape pods and cartridges, the cartridges are actually disposable taste testers. This is why we offer vape cartridges and pods separately in multiple flavors and potencies. The vapers can test a few of these and finally settle for what suits them the best.

The same starter kits can be refilled and reused with different vape cartridges and pods time and again.

Products Offered in CBD Vape Cartridges and Pods

At TREE, we are aware of the fact that everybody has different needs in terms of potencies, flavors and other requirements. This is why we offer you a varied range of cartridges, pods and other devices. You can take your pick accordingly.

Replacement Cobble Pods

Our Cobble Pods have proved to be the best alternate to messy coils. The cobble pods come with a pre-installed coil in 1.8 ml miniature tanks. These are meant to be thrown once the coil burns out and you can switch to a new one. Though the size might look small, these pods work like magic and last all day.

Smooth mouth to lung inhale while enriched with flavor is what makes it the best product.

As compared to standard coils, this one lasts longer and the silicone seal at the bottom ensures zero leakage making it safe for portable purposes.

Our Replacement Cobble Pods are quite economical for the users. You can also use nicotine based e-liquids in these pods. Please note that these are only compatible with the Aspire Cobble Pod system.

CBD Vape Kit Pods

Our Vape Kit Pods come in packs of two. Being a trusted brand and attempting to raise the industry standards each day, some brands offer you nicotine free pods with 120mg i.e. 6% CBD per pod. Available in four distinct flavors, this product gives you the best experience.

Berry Kush flavor consists of forest berries and OG Kush. If you are a fan of fruitiness with subtle hints of cannabis, this is the perfect blend for you.

Ice Peach flavor tends to be heavy on peachiness with just the perfect cannabis taste.

Wild Mint happens to be the perfect blend of mint flavor and coolness. The taste does not happen to be as powerful as the mint gums but just the right amount to be enjoyed with CBD.

Amalfi Lemon is inspired from the best lemons in the world found at the Amalfi coast. Giving you the rich experience of Italian summer, the zesty lemon refreshes your day.

CBD Replacement Pods

CBD replacement pods are small containers which are used to store CBD e-liquids.

These can be snapped or screwed in your pod mod batteries to replace the previously used pods. TREET offers you single time use pods as well as refillable replacements pods in two brands.

Zee Organic Relax Replacement Pods are convenient to use anywhere and easily portable. These are available in a pack of two and are loaded with 300mg CBD or 10ml juice capacity.

Smok Nord Replacement Pods are small container pods which can be easily filled with different types of salt e-juices. The strategically designed mouthpiece comes with 2 ml refillable capacity embedded with mesh and regular coil.

CBD Disposable Vape Cartridges

CBD disposable vape cartridges are glass cartridges pre-filled with a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis.

The disposable cartridges are the best choice since they offer zero product wastage. These vape cartridges can be availed in different potencies and flavors depending upon your requirements and brand choices. TREE provides you five brand choices.

CANNIANT: Canniant CBD Disposable Vape Cartridges come in a 1g pre-filled cartridge. Canniant provides you four variants in the disposable cartridge section named as Sleep, Uplifting, Relax and Focus.

Canniant’s Sleep CBD vape cartridge is a blend of complex grape and berry aroma which is supposed to give you an ultimate relaxation.

 Canniant’s Uplifting CBD vape cartridge comes from sweet lemon taste mixed with spicy pine aroma to uplift your mood.

Canniant’s Relax CBD vape cartridge is a hybrid of terpene linalool and lavender flavor. The calming effects of lavender help you feel relaxed.

Canniant’s Focus CBD vape cartridge happens to be a unique blend of Cinderella 99 and vortex which means it has a sweet citrus flavor. As the name suggests, this flavor gets you into a clear head space making your mind alert and focused.

All these cartridges happen to be compatible with 510 thread vape batteries. For directions, you can screw the cartridge and battery together followed by pressing the pack 5 times ensuring that it is turned on.

With slow draws, you can experience the rich aroma of CBD-infused oils. The battery can be turned off with 5 presses.  

PASO: Paso CBD vape cartridges are completely nicotine and THC free. Loaded with 325mg CBD and 65% CBG and other cannabinoids, these come in a packing of 0.5ml. Paso cartridges can be availed in two flavors. Paso Citrus Eclipse gives you a lemon zesty freshness whereas Paso Daybreak comes from OG Kush and is loaded with herby tastes.

PHENOPEN: PhenoPen CBD vape cartridge can be availed in a 0.5ml packaging and contains 300mg CBD. This one has a natural flavor and is embedded with a ceramic heating element. For economic purposes, it is also available in a pack for four.

ION: NZO & ION Pure CBD cartridges contain 250mg CBD available in a 1.7ml package. The hassle-free cartridges are compatible into the NZO device and can be carried anywhere. Available in five flavors i.e. Lemon & Lime, Ice Menthol, Pear Drops, Berry Blast and Strawberries & Cream; you can pick your favorite and enjoy the experience.

ZEE ORGANIC:  Zee Organic CBD cartridges are available in 0.5ml packaging loaded with 350mg CBD. Claiming to be filled with organic CBD oil, Zee Organic has quite a reputation in providing the best of products in the market.

CBD Atomizer

CBD Atomizer is a part of vape kits. The atomizers are responsible for heating up the e-liquids in an attempt to convert them into vapors. Made out of glass and metal, the atomizers can be refilled with e-liquids.

There are different types of atomizers available in the market by various brands. Some might be compatible with all vapes while others might work just for their own brands.

TREET offers you a couple of options when it comes to atomizers.

The Blaze CBD Atomizer also comes as a part of the CBD Leaf Blaze kit. This ceramic cartridge is easy to use and refill making it well suited for your vaping needs.

CBDfx Refillable Atomizer is a small ceramic cartridge with 1ml liquid holding capacity. Being made out of glass and steel, it is designed to minimize product wastage with adjustable airflow.

Our Refillable CBD Atomizers have 1.6ml e-liquid capacity. Available in silver and gold, the 510 thread atomizers are compatible with 510 thread vape batteries. These are embedded with a ceramic core for CBD.

The Bhang CBD Atomizer can help you in getting your CBD daily dose on the go.

CBD Vape Pen Battery

While all things need replacement after a while, so does a CBD vape pen battery. Paso CBD Vape Pen Battery is super convenient to use. Depending upon their needs, vapers can choose their preferred voltage setting out of three voltage settings offered by this product. All you need to do is screw the cartridge on the vape pen battery and you are sorted.

Paso is a trustable brand and offers nothing but the best to its users. The battery life is designed to last for 100 puffs and might vary depending on the voltage setting. It also comes with a USB charger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBD vape cartridges refillable?

CBD vape cartridges that can be refilled are also available in the market. Over the years, a lot of product wastage has been experienced by vapers in the process of refilling the vape cart.

So, we would suggest you to get your hands on disposable vape cartridges to make the most out of your vaping experience.

Do CBD vapes contain nicotine?

You must read the product description carefully before buying the CBD vape products. Most of the companies clearly mention whether their product contains nicotine or not. In case, there is not much mentioned you can directly reach out to the manufacturer.

Do CBD vapes contain THC?

The CBD vape cartridges happen to contain some amount of THC. Most of the cartridges contain less than 0.2% THC and this amount is not nearly enough to get you high or prove to be unsafe. The full-spectrum hemp extract can be indicated by 0.2% THC presence which is actually a good thing.

All of our products are completely safe and legal to use which includes the CBD vape kits. While we believe in gaining our customer’s trust, their satisfaction is our top priority. So, you can freely choose any item of your choice from our varied range of CBD products.

Are CBD pods included in CBD vape kits?

CBD pods are included in our vape kits as a complimentary item for the vapers to experience them once. However, pods are sold separately too. Available in different flavors and potencies, users can purchase them as per their ease and convenience.

Do pure CBD vapors get you high?

CBD e-liquids available on our website do not contain nicotine. The e-liquids are extracted from the hemp and they act more like essential oils leaving you with a calm and relaxed mind.

How is vape different from a cigarette?

Unlike cigarettes, vape kits are electrically powered and come with a vape pod, battery and heating coil. The smoke produced through a vape has nothing to do with burning nicotine like in cigarettes.

In fact, the battery is responsible for powering the heating coil. Once the heating coil gets powered, it then heats up the vape liquid or juice. The vapors produced from heating up the juice are then inhaled and exhaled as smoke.

Since there’s zero or minimal quantity of nicotine found in the vapes, it is comparatively safer. However, we do not suggest it as an alternative to smoking. 

Which is the best brand to purchase CBD vape kits?

TREE offers you a number of brands to pick for your CBD vape kits. In order to make the best out of your vaping experience, it is very important to pick the right brand. All the brands offered on our website are safe and have proved themselves in the last few years.

Since it might include a trial and error process for you, we would suggest you to read the product descriptions thoroughly and order accordingly. We clearly mention the relevant information about the brands offered on our website making it easier for the users to make the right decision.

How are CBD products useful?

CBD usage can be entirely different depending upon the user. While some like it in forms of edibles, others prefer vapes. Over the years, CBD has been taken by users for inflammations, anxiety, depression, stress and fatigue. It tends to have a relaxing effect on the user’s mind and body.