Before dwelling into what CBDfx is first, let's get to know CBD a bit better. During the past couple of years, the CBD industry has gained an immense boost and popularity among consumers. The word CBD might be new for you and quite understandably because many haven't even heard that word before, and the majority who have heard the word CBD don't know what it is. So talking about CBD, it's a revolutionary compound that's has been sweeping the wellness medicine market like a storm, but what are CBD and CBDfx? Let's get into it.

The word CBD is the shortened form of cannabidiol its one of the two main compounds that make up the hemp plant, also known as weed for all the cool people out there. Well, your next question should be how can weed help me get well, that's where you're a bit mistaken just because CBD comes from hemp doesn't necessarily mean it would get you high, let me explain as I said before CBD is "one" of the two compounds that make up the hemp plant. The other component of the hemp plant is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

This compound the THC acts as a stimulant to your nervous system and makes you high. THC high products are banned in the United States and most of the UK. But the good news is that most CBD products are free from THC, and some have only mild to negligible traces of THC in their products, making them completely legal and safe to use. Due to negligible amounts of THC ensures that you can freely use CBD products without getting high or anything like that.


Now, after we're on the same page about CBD and what it is, let's talk about CBDfx. Seeing the potential of CBD, many companies joined the bandwagon and tried to tap into the potential of CBD and CBD based products. However, you should know that CBD is a different kind of product and is still under research. The use and effectiveness of CBD vary from user to user, and to properly utilize the benefits of CBD; one must choose the right brand and product for their needs. As no CBD products are currently approved by the FDA, so this choice can be increasingly difficult. Due to the FDA being out of the picture, note that not all CBD brands may be the same or as effective as others.

This is where CBDfx comes into the picture, CBDfx makes its products from pure USA grown hemp and extracts them under the strict guidelines of the Califonia Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. CBDfx is the pioneer of CBD based products. The company first started in the USA, and now due to its immense popularity has extended to the UK under CBDfx UK. CBDfx has its consumer as its primary focus keeping the company customer-oriented. Due to their commitment to excellence, CBDfx appreciates exceptional client steadfastness and retention, a reality supported by client support that gives an unmatched positive and straightforward retail experience.

As being the premier online CBD store, CBDfx offers a wide range of products their catalog includes up to 50 high-quality CBD products. CBDfx has set the bar high with its rigorous standards of manufacturing excellence. These are the advantages a consumer enjoys when interacting with a customer-oriented company. CBDfx doesn't believe in doing things the traditional way. That's why the company keeps experimenting with their products from CBDfx vape kit to terpene-infused CBD gummies. This shows the company's interest in constantly trying to innovate and their testament to investing in research and development to tap into the limitless world of CBD potentials.

Vision Statement

Being a customer-oriented company, CBDfx wants to make it easy for consumers to get their hands on the latest and effective CBD products without much of a sweat. Customer Satisfaction remains the top priority of CBDfx. This includes making CBD products readily accessible to customers worldwide, improving the product range, supply chain, and access to CBD easy and flexible. Our official vision statement states that we strive for a global CBD commercial center where individuals from varying backgrounds can acquire the best items without compromising on fun, experimentation, and an assortment of products by creating a healthy and CBD friendly environment for consumers.

Mission Statement

To put it in simple words, CBDfx makes no compromise on quality. Quality and customer satisfaction are always being the mission and primary focus of CBDfx. We strive to make improvements in our products every day by investing in research and development a consistently bringing out new products in our wide range of CBD catalog, with the primary objective is to provide the customer with the best in terms of quality and safety. To put it in a formal context, CBDfx's mission is to engage both new and experienced CBD consumers by giving access to items that are consistently natural, essentially creative, and affectionately made to give the perfect experience imaginable.


Before going into its offshoots like CBDfx UK first, let's check out how it all started. The journey of CBDfx started in 2014, Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers propelled CBDfx in 2014 with a strategic goal to make the greatest quality, most natural, and most exciting CBD items accessible globally. In the course of the past five years, CBDfx has developed from its San Fernando Valley roots to turn into the third-biggest privately owned CBD organization on the planet with a global staff of 100 workers. CBDfx achievement depends on its devotion to giving the best full-range, wide spectrum, and segregate CBD items planned from the best ingredients accessible.

As the demand and popularity of CBD grew and started reaching other parts of the world, there was a need to establish centers in those areas where the demand was already high and was increasing day by day seeing this potential CBD market in the UK and Europe CBDfx that was a pioneer company in starting the trend of CBD started its operations in the UK under the name of CBDfx UK. Working under the umbrella of parent company CBDfx, the CBDfx UK has its main warehouse in the UK and caters to the CBD needs of almost whole Europe.

CBDfx UK operates here in the UK, allowing natives to get benefits from their wide and high-quality CBD collections. CBDfx UK has its major CBD farms all over Europe that not only cater to the supply needs of Europe, but the CBD cultivated in these farms is also sent back to the US, where they are processed in labs situated in California. The increasingly growing presence of CBDfx is the proof of customers trust in the brand, with plans to spread its reach to other parts of the world is the testament that CBDfx strives to make CBD a familiar concept in the other parts of the world also and to spread its benefits to far and wide places making CBD a global household name.

CBDfx vape kit

You might have heard about CBD gummies or CBD oils, but these products are too mainstream now even in CBD's overall case that it is somewhat of a new product. But have you heard about CBD vapes? If you've already heard about CBD vapes, then the chances are that you'll probably be familiar with CBDfx vape kit. CBDfx is the pioneer of CBD vapes, and CBD vape juices their signature product CBDfx vape kit is immensely popular and in-demand. And before rambling about CBD vapes first, let's clear what vape is for those who have been living under a rock.

Vaping is primarily inhaling and exhaling a vaporizing type of aerosol called vape juice, regularly alluded to as vapor, which is created by an e-cigarette or other devices like it. The term is utilized because e-cigarettes don't create tobacco smoke, yet rather an airborne fume, frequently confused with water fume, that comprises of fine particles. Huge numbers of these particles contain differing measures of synthetic compounds, and CBD vape has a significant quantity of CBD in these vape juices.

In the traditional sense, a vaping device or a vape comprises a mouthpiece, a battery, a cartridge that holds the vape juice, and a warming segment for the gadget that is fueled by a battery. At the point when the gadget is utilized, the battery warms up the heating segment, that transforms the substance of the vape juice into an airborne aerosol type compound that is breathed into the lungs and afterward breathed out creating a cloud of smoke.

CBDfx has a wide array of products that range from CBD face masks, edible CBD gummies to topical balms, oils, and CBD vape juices. But before all these versatile products, the CBDfx started with full-spectrum vape oil additives, but now they have their self-made vape juice flavors infused with CBD and their CBDfx vape kit. These vape juices are made up of CBD crystal isolate with little to zero trace of THC in them means that they are completely legal and safe to vape, and there's no chance of consumer getting high. The CBDfx vape kit comes with a range of six flavors. Most of their flavors are fruit-based, while there are three premium flavors made in collaboration with ANML.

CBDfx's vape juices come in different potencies ranging from 250, 500, and 1000 mg CBD content. They are packed in small bottles of 30ml each. Apart from this, the company also produces disposable vape pens. These disposable pens or E-cigarettes have a lifespan of about 50 puffs or one to two weeks. These are generally made to try out the flavors and potency so the user can choose their desired flavor and CBD content according to their need before buying a complete CBDfx vape kit. A simple disposable vape pen has about 30mg CBD content in them per unit, while the CBDfx terpenes-infused disposable vape pens constituting 50mg of CBD, including natural cannabis-terpenes.

CBDfx vape kit is specially designed containing CBD vape oil, liquids, or juice. There is a wide variety of disposable vape kits to rechargeable vape kits and everything in-between, depending on the specific needs of each user, their flavor preference, and the desired amount of CBD. CBDfx has fundamentally changed the face of vaping from being viewed as an unfavorable activity to a wellness chore, and if that isn't a revolution, then I don't know what is. From teenagers to adults who prefer vaping, there is a product for all by CBDfx.

Other Products from CBDfx

As mentioned earlier, apart from vape and its subsiding products, there is also a wide array of other different CBD products that CBDfx makes and sells. Although the company started as making products, especially for the vaping industry, the immense demand and popularity of CBDfx among consumers compelled them to make other CBD based products too. After revolutionizing the vape industry, CBDfx changed its focus to other products. Now the company makes a variety of CBD products, including edible CBDs like CBD gummies, CBD Capsules, CBD tinctures, topicals like CBD balms, CBD face cleansers and masks, CBD massage oils this has established them as one of the leaders in CBD topical and cosmetic industry.

CBDfx has also tapped into the pets CBD market, making a potent hemp oil for pets along with CBD pet tinctures that are available in different potencies to choose according to the user's need and what's suitable for their furry friend. Our products are a result of purest and natural hemp extract, along with third-party testing and free from animal cruelty meaning that our products are not tested on animals, because how can we subject such lives with torture for whom we create our products for. With the backing of CBDfx's name and entirely made in the USA, consumers can trust that they're going to get the highest quality product that is safe and legal to consume, whether it's a vape, an edible gummy, or something for your pet like a pet tincture. With CBDfx, you are in safe hands.

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