Cali Greens

Cali Greens is a UK-based CBD brand that takes pride in all its products, especially in CBD-infused e-liquids. The brand is known for balancing natural plant terpenes with other exciting base flavors. As a result, you enjoy an ultimate, natural vaping experience.

So, if you want to enjoy Cali Greens CBD, shop Cali Greens products available at TREETVapours. 

About Cali Greens

Cali Greens CBD brand was established in 2014 in the United Kingdom. It was launched during the times when a lot of competing CBD brands appeared on the market to satisfy the growing demand for CBD products. Cali Greens specializes in high-end vaping products, along with CBD oil drops and some types of CBD edibles.

Today, Cali Greens is a leading producer of high-quality CBD e-liquids, disposable CBD vaping devices, topical products, and many other products. Their range of CBD topicals include muscle balm, body butter, body lotion, etc. 

Cali Greens CBD oil is a well-established brand in the UK. The brand brings some of the best CD products to the UK market. In addition to this, all their products are thoroughly tested by third-party labs for their safety, potency, and purity.

So, when you shop for Cali Greens products, whether from their own website or from TREETVapours, you can stay confident about their safety and purity. You will reap all expected and promised benefits from the brand’s products. 

Shop Cali Greens CBD Products at TREETVapours

At TREETVapours, we bring you the best quality collection of Cali Greens CBD products. We bring you the earthy taste of CBD without the addition of any harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

Shop for Cali Greens CBD oral drops to benefit from the pharmacological wonders of this non-psychoactive compound. Cali Greens has infused their CBD oral drops with three delicious flavors - mango and orange, mint, and pomegranate.

Try out these Cali Greens oral drops that will give the endocannabinoid system of  your body the required boost. It is made of delicious premium quality and organic CBD oral drops.

Sublingual CBD drops are an easy and hassle-free way of consuming CBD. The best part is that you do not need any additional equipment to use these oral drops. Utilising the whole of the organically grown hemp plant, our sublingual CBD drops are abundant in CBG and CBC also. In addition to this, it consists of  a lot of other cannabinoids that give you the advantage of the entourage effect.

Cali Greens cocoa body butter that melts easily and beautifully. As a result, it creates a protective barrier for the skin. The barrier locks in the moisture as well as active ingredients. The CBD level in these products is lower when compared than that you find in balms and CBD rubs. So, you can apply the CBD cocoa body butter generously to your skin. 

Cali Greens CBD body lotion consists of Myrrh and Frankincense that help to relax your body. These aromatic resins produce woody and sweet aromas that make your skin with a fresh and nourished feeling. These products are enriched with organic eucalyptus and CBD Isolate for a pleasing gentle touch.


Q: Are Cali Greens CBD products safe?

A: Cali Greens CBD products are safe because of their safe composition. These products are thoroughly tested in third-part UK labs for their safety, purity, and potency. That is why these products are considered safe.

Q: What is the right dosage of CBD products provided by Cali Greens?

A: Cali Greens CBD products come with properly labeled packaging. The label shows instructions and dosage that is suggested for potential consumers. Make sure you follow these instructions and dosage advice to be on the safe side. 

Q: Does Cali Greens offer legal CBD products?

A: Yes. CBD products offered by Cali Greens are all legal. You can consume these products legally if you live in areas where CBD is legal for recreational, medicinal, or both purposes.

Q: What type of products does Cali Greens sell?

A: Calli Greens mainly deals in CBD oral drops, CBD-infused balms and rubs, and CBD oral sprays. In addition, the ever-evolving brand offers many other CBD products for its customers. 

Q: From where do I shop for Cali Greens products?

A: There are many stores that sell Cali Greens CBD products. But make sure you shop from a genuine and reputed store only - like TREETVapours. 

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