TREET. The convenient way to taste the essence of nature.

What is TREET?

TREET began with an idea.
An idea to connect new technology with old remedies. An idea to create something new, unique and positive. An idea to create a personal device that will allow everyone to discover the wholesome benefits of Aromatherapy as well as the clinically proven medicinal benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol).

What we do

TREET offer a range of natural vaping and aromatherapy products from naturally flavoured E-liquids to Aromatherapy Pens

All our products are made with ethically sourced botanicals that are 100% pure and natural. Building on these quality ingredients, we pair and blend the perfect combination of these ingredients to bring you calm, peace, happiness and energy for everyday life.

These blends are then delivered through our built-for-purpose personal diffuser system. For a portable, discrete and convenient way to enhance your mood, relieve stress and reduce pain.

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Pens


A stimulating mix, combining the uplifting properties of Orange, Lemon and Mandarin with the refreshing properties of Pine and Spearmint.


Relax with the juicy aroma of Sweet Oranges combined with the floral scents of  Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and fresh Palma Rosa.

The Aromatherapy Pen

Treet yourself

Safety tested

Each and every one of our Aromatherapy Diffusers is safety tested to ensure the highest build qulity possible.

Ethically sourced

All essential oils used in TREET products are ethically and sustainably sourced from high quality suppliers.

refresh personal essentiall oil aromatherapy diffuser

Natural Ingredients

All TREET Aromatheapy Pens contain 100% all natural ingredients. No tobacco, nicotine, artificial ingredients or propylene glycol.

Long lasting

Each Aromatherapy pen lasts up to 300 puffs, giving you around 2 weeks of use.

Disposable CBD Pens

CBD Mint

Cooling Fresh mint extracts and calming CBD isolate, all packaged in a 30mg disposable vape pen.

CBD Mixed Berry

Sweet juicy flavour with sour undertones. Every breath of our 30mg CBD vape pen is an experience to behold.

The CBD Pen

Premium Quality

Lab tested

The CBD Isolate used in our pens is strictly tested by third party labratories, verifying the superiority of TREET.

Long lasting

Each of our 30mg CBD vape pens lasts for up to 150 puffs, giving you around 1 week of use.

CBD MINT disposable cbd vape pen


Each pen comes fully charged and filled. Simply, purchase, use and throw each pen out when its empty.


CBD is non-psychoactive because it does not act on the same receptors as THC. Furthermore, as we use CBD isolate our pens contain 0% THC.